Why host the 2nd Annual
Hotelier Summit India ?

Despite a rocky 2013, the hospitality industry is geared to be revolutionised through 2014. After taking into account the 58% active development of future supply, we expect 54,000 rooms to be developed over the next four years, taking the total supply to about 138,000 rooms by 2016/17.

An area that we see continually strapped to the back-bench is the procurement, design and technical services functions. But, we intend to radically change this perception. The stage is set. The expectations, enormous !

The following priority chart indicates the sequence of tasks that ultimately results in successful project delivery.

Fact Sheet

Here’s a look at what the hotel development pipeline in India has in store for the coming years. It becomes abundantly clear that we owe these phenomenal projections our commitment to ensure we deliver as a nation and thus propel our competitive edge.