The Unconference

If you’ve been to an IDE summit, you might be well acquainted with the highly effective though inflexible agenda.

So we’ve made a few changes … From time to time, we all need a little inspiration. And that needs to turn into action. India’s hospitality sector has a large number of procurement and design centric decision makers, specifiers and influencers, but these groups require more platforms to be connected more frequently for trend-setting ideas to translate into action.

This necessitates a need to increase the Collision FrequencyCollision Frequency (Defn.) : Collision frequency is the acceleration of connections made between peer groups in a given space and time. The higher an area’s collision frequency, the more quickly and efficiently innovative development can occur..

Unscripted. Unpredictable. Unexpected.

An un-conference is characterised by an open format conference to facilitate activity, conversations and ‘collisions’ between participants.

You decide ! You create the agenda !

As an attendee, you have complete control in shaping the un-conference agenda and include session topics where you can share your experiential views with industry peers in a participatory manner.

The idea here is that the profile of attendees at Hotelier Summit India 2014 possess the same degree of expertise garnered through different experiences. Everyone is a contributor and everyone has the opportunity to voice their point of view.

Given its self-organizing structure, participants looking to solve an issue will have the opportunity to tackle it with others who are interested in finding solutions in highly productive discussion sessions.
1. Do not follow any of the conventional rules of a conference

2.No keynote presentations, no panel discussions

3. The people who come are the right people

4. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened

5. Be Brave! Others are interested in making your session work!

6. Don’t assume people in the room know more, or less, than you do

7. Go with the flow, follow your passion and take responsibility for your learnings

8. The Law of Two Feet : If you are not learning or contributing, it is your responsibility to use your own two feet to find someplace where you are